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Lowman Henry

Lowman S. Henry

Chairman & CEO, Lincoln Institute

Lowman S. Henry is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research, Inc., a non-profit public affairs foundation based in Harrisburg, PA.  He serves as host of American Radio Journal heard on over 200 radio stations nationwide, and is host of the Lincoln Radio Journal, a weekly public affairs radio program syndicated on over 90 Pennsylvania radio stations.  He is also President of the Pennsylvania Leadership Council, Inc., which produces the annual Pennsylvania Leadership Conference.
He began his career as a broadcast and print journalist, served as Political Director of the Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania, Chief of Staff to State Senator Earl Baker, and as Executive Assistant to the Attorney General of Pennsylvania. He currently serves in elective office as Chairman of the Lower Paxton Township Board of Supervisors, and previously served as a Dauphin County Commissioner. He was the Republican Party’s nominee for Pennsylvania State Treasurer in 1992.

He is Chairman of the board of directors of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association (PMA) and the PMA Foundation; Chairman of the Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP); board member of the Foundation for Free Enterprise Education; board member at the Allegheny Institute for Public Policy in Pittsburgh; board member of the Colonial Park Rotary Club Foundation; a member of the Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania; and is a Director Emeritus of the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO). Mr. Henry is a member of the Charlton United Methodist in Lower Paxton and is a past president of the Colonial Park Rotary Club.  He is a graduate of Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania. He is married to Carol Lynn Henry, and they have three sons.



Scott Parkinson

Scott Parkinson

Scott Parkinson, Vice President of Government Affairs, Club for Growth.

Scott Parkinson is the Club For Growth's Vice President of Government Affairs. Scott has worked in politics in Washington, DC for over 13 years. He has worked in the United States Senate for three Senators — John Ensign, Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio. Scott was the Executive Director of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), the largest caucus in the House of Representatives - under Chairmen Bill Flores and Mark Walker. He also was Chief of Staff to Representative Ron DeSantis. Most recently, he served as the Deputy Executive Director to Governor-Elect Ron DeSantis' transition team in Tallahassee, Florida. Scott resides in Arlington, VA with his wife and two daughters.


Dr. Paul Kengor

Dr. Paul Kengor

Dr. Paul Kengor is professor of political science at Grove City College, a four-year, private Christian liberal arts college located in Grove City, Pennsylvania. He is executive director of the Center for Vision & Values, a Grove City College think-tank/policy center. He is also a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace at Stanford University. He has been quoted or published in most major publications from across the ideological spectrum: New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News, Washington Post, New York Post, National Review, Chronicle of Higher Education, San Francisco Chronicle, American Spectator, New York Newsday, Political Science Quarterly, Presidential Studies Quarterly, Washington Times, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Boston Herald, Roll Call, Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Philadelphia Inquirer, Christianity Today, World magazine, National Catholic Reporter, National Catholic Register, Our Sunday Visitor, the Jewish Press, Jewish World Review, International Herald Tribune, Manchester Union Leader, and others.

His latest book is a major work on Ronald Reagan's role in undermining the Soviet Union, titled, The Crusader: Ronald Reagan & the Fall of Communism, released in October 2006 (HarperCollins), which includes never-before-published documents from KGB archives, Soviet media archives, and numerous once secret but now declassified NSC, White House, and Reagan administration documents. The book is being translated into Polish, and the paperback rights have been purchased by HarperPerennial. He is also the author of God and Ronald Reagan (ReganBooks, HarperCollins, 2004), which made bestseller lists for The New York Times (extended list), Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and Christian Retailing, among others; the book reached #2 on Amazon's non-fiction list. He is most recently the author of God and George W. Bush (ReganBooks, HarperCollins, 2004), which reached #5 on Amazon's non-fiction list and made The New York Times' extended bestseller list. He is co-editor with Peter Schweizer of Assessing the Reagan Presidency (Rowman-Littlefield, 2005). He is currently under contract to write three additional books, including a biography of former Reagan confidant and national security adviser William P. "Bill" Clark, Reagan's so-called "right-hand man." He has also written chapters or essays in books published by Oxford University Press, Columbia University Press, Palgrave-Macmillan, Lexington, and others.

Kengor is a frequent contributor to MSNBC, C-SPAN, NPR, PCN-TV, and FoxNewsChannel. He has appeared on many TV shows, including "Hannity & Colmes," "The O'Reilly Factor," "Tony Snow Live," "Fox & Friends," the 700 Club, and "Scarborough Country." He has done hundreds of radio-talk shows, including the shows of Sean Hannity, Diane Rehm (NPR-WDC), Michael Reagan, Warren Olney (NPR-LA), Glenn Beck, Janet Parshall's America, Truths that Transform with D. James Kennedy, Dennis Praeger, Michael Medved, G. Gordon Liddy, Linda Chavez, Kresta in the Afternoon, Jim Quinn, Stand to Reason with Greg Koukl, and Laura Ingraham.

Kengor is a frequent public speaker. His venues have included the National Presbyterian Church, the Reagan Library, the U.S. Capitol Building, the Commonwealth (Pennsylvania) Prayer Breakfast, the Heritage Foundation, and the Gerald R. Ford Library, among many others. He has also spoken at many colleges, including the University of Virginia's Miller Center, the College of William & Mary, the Ave Maria College School of Law, (Ann Arbor, MI), Calvin College, Franciscan University, Regent University, Claremont McKenna College, Saint Vincent College, Patrick Henry College, the University of Pittsburgh, and more.

Kengor has done work for a number of think tanks, including the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Heritage Foundation, and has served on the editorial board of Presidential Studies Quarterly. He received his doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs and his master's degree from American University's School of International Service. Kengor, a native of Western Pennsylvania, lives with his wife Susan in Grove City, PA, along with their children Paul, Mitch, Amanda, and Abigail.


Colin Hanna

Colin A. Hanna

Colin A. Hanna is President of Let Freedom Ring, a public policy non-profit promoting Constitutional government, economic freedom and traditional values. He is a tri-weekly guest on American Radio Journal airing on over 200 stations nationwide.

Colin was a Chester County Commissioner from 1995 to 2003.  Let Freedom Ring was founded in 2004 and has executed several major projects on such diverse subjects as immigration, the national debt, the original intent of the Constitution, alerting the American public to China's plans for a blue-water Navy, production-ready script development for a major motion picture on Frederick Douglass and many more. His television appearances include MSNBC’s Hardball, Fox News HannityGlenn BeckFox & Friends and many others.  Colin graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.  He is a U.S. Navy veteran and lives in West Chester with Pricie, his wife of 53 years.



Col. Frank Ryan, USMC (Ret.)

Born in 1951, Frank Ryan grew up understanding the value of hard work. He came from a large family and lost his father when he was three. Like many in Central Pennsylvania, his humble beginning produced a spirit of determination and a tradition of service that would serve him well throughout his life.

Frank Ryan's story has been nothing short of the classic American tale of hard work and perseverance. Originally beginning as a student at Mt. St. Mary's College in northern Maryland, he earned a B.S. in Economics, finishing first in his class. Like many young men during the Vietnam Conflict, Ryan volunteered for service and went through basic training to become a United States Marine.

Frank Ryan served on active duty and in the reserves in the Marines for over thirty years, retiring as a Colonel with a remarkable three Legion of Merit Awards. During his service, Ryan was deployed in Haiti, Bosnia and most recently served as Central Command Special Operations Officer under General Tommy Franks in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

At home in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, Ryan has also been a leader in preserving local jobs, fighting to stabilize and turnaround struggling small and medium businesses. As President of F.X. Ryan and Associates, Ryan has helped a remarkable 181 of 187 clients stay out of bankruptcy, saving thousands of jobs.

As a distinguished CPA, Ryan lectures on business ethics for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and has been honored as one of their top lecturers. In addition Ryan has an MBA from the University of Maryland and sits on the board of multiple financial and manufacturing enterprises.

Frank is married and has been blessed with four children. As an active member of his community, he serves on several charitable boards including the Daughters of Charity, Good Shepherd Center and St. Agnes Hospital.


Eric Boehm

Eric Boehm

Eric Boehm is a reporter for the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity and bureau chief for PA Independent, which covers state political news and policy developments in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He writes about legislation, tax policy and the general absurdities of politics from a free market perspective. His work has been published by Reason, Human Events, The Freeman, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Washington Examiner and elsewhere.